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Avoid the traffic


Do you like to sit in traffic for many hours ? Well…just like you I also don’t like to sit in traffic.

So if you work in electronic city, then there is no better place to stay at Indigo Stripes Apartments.  Here is why…

– It takes 5 to 10 minutes to reach any of the offices in electronic city from the Indigo Stripes apartments.

– Indigo Stripes apartments are calm and very serene.  I like to go on walks and just play “fetch ball”.  Well you can play tennis, go jogging, play billards, workout in the gym, play table tennis and the list is endless

Now instead of doing this, why do you want to commute from Kormangala and other places ?  Well you might say there are certain restaurants or malls I want to go to.

– but do you go to restaurants everyday ?  I guess no…well you would not have time to go everyday after your commute in the traffic.

So stay with Indigo Stripes apartments in Electronic city and visit the malls and restaurants whenever you need.

Isn’t this smarter….Absolutely.  You are so much smarter than what are you waiting for..Call Indigo Stripes @ +91 97404 44274


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