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Service Apartments on Hosur Road Bangalore


Are you a company in Hosur,TN looking for a quality service apartments for your top executives?

Please read this story.

There is a multinational auto company based out of Hosur.  We won’t name the company but it is a large German automobile company.  They had some engineers visiting the Hosur factory for a long term stay, close to 6 months.

The Hosur company was looking for a cost effective solution.  They also wanted a comfortable stay for their guest German engineers.  They had to look no further than Indigo Stripes Apartments !

We were the most suitable serviced apartments near Hosur, for the following reasons.

Location:  We are based out of Electronic City in Bangalore and close to Hosur, about a 30-40 minute drive to Hosur.  This way, the guests could commute to Hosur and also enjoy quality stay in our apartments.  They guests could enjoy the culture and modern amenities that Bangalore and our apartments has to offer.

Cost Effective:  If they housed the guests in a good quality hotel they needed to spend close to Rs 2,50,000 for each guest per month.   By housing the guest in our apartments they paid less than 10 percent of this total per guest.

Comfort: Guests could have the extra space that could enjoy, like a home away from home environment instead of staying in cramped up hotel space.

Healthy: Guests could make their own food as per their taste, sandwiches, pasta and the like and also enjoy restaurant quality meals on their weekends and free time.

We were able to provide a happy solution to all concerned, including guests and host company in Hosur.

So if you are company in Hosur looking to host your executives in quality serviced apartments, please come and stay with us.  Please call 97404 44274 to know more.




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