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Best Serviced Apartments near Narayana Hospitals Bangalore


If you are visiting Narayana Hospitals or Narayana Hrudayalaya (earlier name) we are the best serviced apartments to stay.

Generally patients visiting hospital for post surgery need to stay close to the hospital.  We are about 10 minutes car drive from the hospital.  Our service apartments are well connected on the highway and near Narayana Hospital.

We have observed that family of the patients are generally looking for clean, hygienic apartment for the post surgery recuperation.  We offer well maintained clean and hygienic service apartment.  We offer daily house keeping and cleanliness and hygiene is one of our top priorities.

Another of patients and family priorities is a calm environment.  Our service apartment near Narayana Hospital,Bangalore is one of the best places with calm environment with fresh air and birds chirping.   Check out our video on calm environment at our service apartment.

The family of patients want to have an apartment where they can cook their own food or have it cooked by cook.  This is because, they want to have healthy food to be prepared for the recuperating patients.  Our service apartment offers fully equipped kitchen with microwave, fridge, cooking utensils and also gas connection. Check out our amenities blog for more information.

I think, if you are visiting Narayana Hospitals, we are the best place to stay.  Come and see me at our service apartment near Narayana Hospitals.  (wags his tail)

As a additional benefit for this month to our Narayana Hospital we are offering additional 5 percent discount by mentioning “Indi-Sent-Me” when you call.

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